Personal Introduction

I am a full time Lecturer in Footwear on the BA (Hons) Cordwainers Footwear course at LCF based on the Golden Lane Campus and deliver the technical content to all years and some technical content on the MA Footwear course.

I trained as a designer on the Cordwainers course back in 1986. Then went on to work in industry as well as my own business making and designing footwear.  I have  30 years of experience and have worked in the UK as well as India, China, Thailand and Spain I endeavor to  bring this knowledge and professional practice into my teaching.

I have enrolled on this course to expand on my pedagogical knowledge and theories in order to use this to improve and enhance my teaching.

New beginnings

I have just experienced my first session on the Inclusive Teaching and Learning in Higher Education unit. Through this experience and meeting fellow students/colleagues on the course I have learnt something very interesting about the history of my specialism of Shoe making that could have a very  positive addition to my teaching and learning in relation to this unit.

Modern Shoe making was developed by a number of inventors and engineers A significant person of interest was Jan Metzeliger of African American descent who invented a machine that would last and attach the sole of a shoe and increase production and therefore decrease cost. I look forward to researching this information and individual in more detail and introducing this into my teaching.

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Jan Ernst Metzeliger 1852 – 1889