Blogging Task 1: Gender

Read hooks, bell (2013) ‘Understanding Patriarchy’ 

To discuss two things learnt from the text and one question/provocation you have about the text.

“So deeply embedded in our collective unconscious are the rules of patriarchy” Hooks, Bell (2013) ‘Understanding Patriarchy’ I can relate to this statement and recognise that a lot us prescribe to gender roles and gender stereotypes in a variety of day to day situations unconsciously and that it demands a more transformative critical awareness to promote change.  I recognise that I have used gender based adjectives to describe a process based around my technical delivery for example during Pattern Cutting Classes using the word Masculine to describe thicker heavier straps or proportions to a particular design. Feminine to describe a lighter more delicate design.

Whilst I understand that this may not be offensive to a particular individual it does mean that I am reinforcing gender stereotypes.

It is interesting to read that Hooks states in the conclusion of the text  “There are Folks who are able to critique patriarchy but unable to act in an anti patriarchal manner” This again demonstrates the embedded nature of patriarchy in our society and consciousness.

I have found it very beneficial to improve my understanding of the meaning of patriarchy to read through the text, to have examples of patriarchal experiences from the author as well as anecdotal examples to illustrate the  harm that a patriarchal system has on society on such a broad scale and that this provides a context to the meaning of patriarchy.

The concluding statement from Hooks “If men are to reclaim the essential goodness of male being, if they are to regain the space of openheartedness and emotional expressiveness that is the foundation of well being, we must envision alternatives to patriarchal masculinity. We must all change” this is a thought provoking conclusion and a world such as this is hard to imagine. I wonder what alternatives to patriarchal masculinity the author has or can envision and I would like to do some more reading in this area. There are a great many examples of patriarchal oppression and behavior in the media at the moment the Me too movement for example after the recent film industry sexual harassment and assault allegations has provoked a wide response from society to this damaging and unfortunately prevalent patriarchal elitist society that we currently find our selves in.

We all need to find a better way to work together to make change. The author sees it this way and understands that together working in harmony we might all find enlightenment.


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